Subject[Intensive English] 8. UCC:User Created Content
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"You Media" : User Created Content



Today, online user-edited encyclopedias, such as “Wikipedia,“ help netizens, or people who use the Internet, to create and edit articles on a variety of subjects. Other social networking sites, such as “MySpace” and “Facebook” allow users to create personal pages to tell the world about themselves.

encyclopedia n. 백과사전

ex. I'm looking for an encyclopedia hoping to find some information about modern art.

나는 현대미술에 대한 정보를 찾고 싶어서 백과사전을 찾고 있다.

User-edited : 사용자가 편집하는 / User-edited encyclopedia : 사용자가 편집하는 백과사전  

User-Created : 사용자가 만드는 / User-created contents: 사용자가 만드는 콘텐츠


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